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Juices, shakes and smoothies

Fresh juices and green smoothies are the easiest way to make your life healthier. When you drink our juices and green smoothies, you will get a younger looking skin, more energy and better health in general. The antioxidants in fruit and vegetables become even more effective when combined in a mix (herbs, elixirs, boosters). This is what makes Greendayz Amsterdam unique.

Your body is a magnificent machine. It takes in raw materials - oxygen from the air, and water, carbs and proteins in your food. Then it eliminates the unneeded toxic by-products - carbon dioxide, uric acid, lactic acid and other natural by-products of life.

Living in civilization, our bodies encounter many more toxins every day: in the air we breathe, in the water we drink, in the food we eat. Pesticides, heavy metals, residues of moulds and fungi... our body is in a constant struggle to clear these things out.

Over the years we fall more and more behind and both kinds of toxins build up faster than we can eliminate them, gumming up our works, slowing metabolism, causing aging and disease. Thus, we cleanse. The cleansing process helps our body flush these toxins out, leaving us feeling healthier, stronger, and literally rejuvenated - "restored youth".

Greendayz is convinced that when you use our power juices, wheatgrass, elixirs, lifestyle products etc, you will see the positive effects like getting more energy, feeling healthier and will try to be more healthier in all aspects of your life.

Examples of our juices

(combinations will change depending on the season)

Energy: mano, carrot, goji
Relax: banana, strawberry, melon
Hangover: cucumber, peach, pineapple
Kickass: kiwi, ginger, apple
Pretty Woman: melon, pineapple, peach
Detox: banana, apple, ginger
Very Berry: strawberry, blueberry, goji
Chillax: celery, pineapple, spinach
Rehab: banana, cucumber, celery, kiwi
Brainiac: spinach, cucumber, pineapple

Elixers (liquid shots)

Beauty Within: grapeseed, horsetail, pinebark
Beauty Full Breast: grapeseed, hops flower, pueraria mirifica
Detox: chlorophyll, milk thistle, rosa roxburgh II
Energy: guarana, kolanut, panaxginseng, yerba mate
Joy Full Legs: horse chestnut, pinebark, rosa roxburgh II
Memory: cayenne, gingo biloba, gota kola, schisandra
Weight Loss: chromium, green coffee extract, lícarnitine

Boosters (powder)

Antioxidant, calcium, energy, fibre, green, hangover, immune, flexible, libido, multi vitamin, protein, omega 3, relaving, smart, trim and fit, woman.


This tiny aquatic plant offers 70% of all vegetable protein, essential vitamins and phyto nutrients, such as antioxidant, beta carotene. The concentration of beta carotene is 10 times more concentrated than carrots. The chlorophyll is a natural cleanser and used to improve vitality.


The acai berry is an extremely potent berry full of vitamins and nutrients. In addition, acai berries are very rich in anthocyanin; an antioxidant that fights cholesterol and free radicals.


Wheatgrass is fast becoming one of the most used healthy shots on the planet. It contains chlorophyll; natureís most healthy promoting nutrient and is loaded with minerals, enzymes and vitamins. It helps cleanse and detoxify your body, is a strong booster for the immune system and it makes your skin look great. A Greendayz wheatgrass shot is your daily fresh kick for a healthy life. Take it pure or as a boost in your favourite smoothie.

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