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Lifestyle products

Fresh juices and green smoothies are the easiest way to make your life healthier. When you drink our juices and green smoothies, you will get a younger looking skin, more energy and better health in general. The antioxidants in fruit and vegetables become even more effective when combined in a mix (herbs, elixirs, boosters). This is what makes Greendayz Amsterdam unique.

Your body is a magnificent machine. It takes in raw materials - oxygen from the air, and water, carbs and proteins in your food. Then it eliminates the unneeded toxic by-products - carbon dioxide, uric acid, lactic acid and other natural by-products of life.

Living in civilization, our bodies encounter many more toxins every day: in the air we breathe, in the water we drink, in the food we eat. Pesticides, heavy metals, residues of moulds and fungi... our body is in a constant struggle to clear these things out.

Over the years we fall more and more behind and both kinds of toxins build up faster than we can eliminate them, gumming up our works, slowing metabolism, causing aging and disease. Thus, we cleanse. The cleansing process helps our body flush these toxins out, leaving us feeling healthier, stronger, and literally rejuvenated - "restored youth".

Greendayz is convinced that when you use our power juices, wheatgrass, elixirs, lifestyle products etc, you will see the positive effects like getting more energy, feeling healthier and will try to be more healthier in all aspects of your life.

Libido Liquid Men/Women

This gives an euphoric feeling, particularly in the stomach. This goes accompanied by amorous feelings. It is a natural alternative for MDMA and works 4-6 hours.

Herbal Maruana (15ml)

This is an alternative of maruana. The effect is likely the same and lasts up to 4 hours. After 15 to 20 minutes you will feel raised sensitivity for auditive and visual vibes. You feel great and sometimes you need to laugh out loud.

Party! Space Coaster

This is the ideal party product. It gives an adrenaline feeling and an enormous energy boost. The effect can be compared with speed. It temporarily makes the user full of energy, cheerful and self-assured and sex while under the influence of this product is experienced as much as intense.

Kratom Liquid 15x Extract (10ml)

This is a high quality product. The effect is noticeable after about 10 minutes and works for a couple of hours. The feeling is likely the same as opium and becomes stronger when it is longer in your mouth.

Marley Trip

This has almost the same effect as hasj. The product will make you happy and relax. Cook this psychedelic product minimum 10 minutes in 250ml water before drinking.

Trippy Herbs Damiana 10x (5g)

This small shrub grows throughout Mexico and central America and bears very aromatic, serrate leaves. Only the best of Mexican Damiana are selected and only the tops and leaves are harvested to ensure a high alkaloid content.

Trippy Herbs Kanna (5g)

This gives a soothing and sense of well being feeling. 20mg is sufficient to produce a substantial effect. 50mg mixed with chewing gum or under the tongue gives a more subtle effect.

Trippy Herbs Wild Dagga (1g)

The plant has had a long entheogenic and therapeutic tradition among the Hottentot tribesmen of South Africa. Wild Dagga is often referred to as a Cannabis substitute.

Trippy Herbs Spicy (3g)

This contains several natural aromatic herbs and exotic extracts. Spicy is a herbal sensation that will give you the best relaxing and euphoric experience ever. It’s totally natural and one of the most popular alternatives for cannabis.

Trippy Herbs Baby Woodrose (10 seeds)

The effects are similar to LSD but less intense and less visual. The trip lasts 6-8 hours.

Trippy Herbs Dreamherbs 10x (1g)

Calea Extract intensifies the experience of dreams during sleeping. Stress relieving and lets you easily fall asleep.

Trippy Herbs Marihuanilla 25x (1g)

Leonurus Sibericus is often used as a substitute for cannabis. Marihuanilla is relaxing and has a delicate flavor.

Trippy Herbs Morning Glory Seeds (2g)

An approximately 6 hour LSD-like experience but with less hallucinogenic effects.

XTCY (6 caps)

This will give you a warm sensation and a euphoric feeling like the real thing, only it’s 100% natural. So let the party begin!

Spanish Fly

A legendary love potion! Stimulates feelings of desire and lust for both men and women. A variety of flavours available. Use in water or juices.

Libido Forte

This popular Chinese herb mix that stimulates the libido of men. Gives a long-lasting erection! One capsule, 2 hours before sexual activity.

Ultimate 69

A desire and performance stimulant for both men and women. Increases pleasure during sexual activity. One capsule, 1 hour before sexual activity.


A powerful combination that allows your brain to induce a state of maximum adrenaline output! Shake well and shoot!

Royal C

A herbal shooter which gives similar effects to cocaine. Shake well, use 1 hour after a meal and drink a glass of water or juice afterwards.

Royal X

A herbal shooter which gives similar effects to XTC. Lasts about 4 hours. Shake well, use 1 hour after a meal and drink a glass of water or juice afterwards.


A herbal mix that gives a good psychedelic effect. The herbs contain a substance called LSA and Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds. Contains 10 capsules which is good for 2-3 doses.


The roots have stimulating euphoric aphrodisiac and mild hallucinogenic effects. Can be used as a tea.

Galangal (Gingo Biloba)

Gives better memory and concentration. Positive effect on blood circulation. Can be used as a tea.


Classic natural energy booster. Contains caffeine. Can be used as a tea.

Aphrodite Mix

Flower mix with damiana. Good for sexual stimulant. Can be used as a tea.


An aphrodisiac which gives a mellow, relaxing high that lasts about 2 hours.

St. John’s Wort

Mood lifting and tension relaxing. Can be used as a tea.

Blue Lotus

Both narcotic and euphoric effects, with mild hallucinations if a high dosage is used. Can be used as a tea.


A popular natural relaxer. Higher dosage can give the feeling of “floating on air”. Can be used as a tea.

Wild Lettuce

Contains psycho-active compounds lactucupicrin and lactucin, which are not opiates but gives relaxing and narcotic effects. Can be used as a tea.


Wormwood is the main ingredient of the legendary drink absinthe. The effects are narcotic and mildly hallucinogenic. Can be used as a tea.

Blue Lotus Tincture 15x 15ml

The effects of Blue Lotus are both narcotic and euphoric, with mild hallucinations occurring at higher dosages. Can be used in juices and water.

Absinthe Kit

Make your own absinthe! The kit contains typical thujon-containing herbs & spices, recipes and a special sugar spoon. All herbs come in separate plastic bags in a nice storage box.

Coca candy

Powerful sweets made from the coca plant. One sweet makes your tongue numb! You will lose your appetite and have lots of energy.

After E

Helps you recover from the use of MDMA.

After C

Helps you recover from the use of cocaine.

Herbal Speed 25g

Gives an intense rush, lots of energy, high feeling. Cinnamon flavored. Snort for effect.

Absinthe Lolly

A unique lollypop with absinthe taste. Anise, wormwood absinthe, fennel and much more. A nice experience!

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