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Just add these herbs to your tea or smoothie!

Nature's treat

COLANUT (COLA NITIDA) Colanut is a strong stimulant with appetite-suppressing effects that is also a popular aphrodisiac. Available as whole nuts and as a powder.
GINKGO (GINKGO BILOBA) Ginkgo has a positive effect on the blood circulation, especially in the feet, hands and brain. It’s usually taken to improve memory and the power of concentration.
GINSENG (PANAS GINSENG) Ginseng roots are taken for their adaptogenic, aphrodisiac, stimulating and nourishing qualities. Ginseng is widely used by athletes and students to improve their performance.
GREEN TEA GUN POWDER Gun powder is a variety of green tea, produced in the Zhejiang Province of China, of which each leaf has been rolled into a small pellet, resembling 18th century gun powder. It is an antioxidant that is used to fight free radicals in the body.
GUARANA (PAULLINIA CUPANA) Guarana is a common ingredient in energy caps and drinks. Guarana powder contains about 4.2% caffeine and several other components like guaranine, theobromine and theofilline.
YERBA MATE (ILEX PRAGUARIENSIS) Yerba mate is a tea brewed from the dried leaves and stemlets of the Ilex paraguarensis tree that is native to South-America. It’s a stimulating beverage that contains numerous vitamins and minerals. It is still popular today to make drinks to gain energy or reduce hunger feelings.
DAMIANA (TURNERA DIFFUSA) Damiana is an invigorating aphrodisiac which produces a mellow, relaxing high that lasts about two hours. Uses as powder and shredded.
MACA (LEPIDIUM MEYENII) Maca is an extremely nutritious root that promotes sexual endurance, physical stamina and the capacity to deal with stress.
CATMINT (NEPETA CATARIA) Catmint is a tasty herb that gives a nice feeling of relaxation. At higher dosages it stimulates the imagination and could be considered mildly hallucinogenic.
PASSIONFLOWER (PASSIFLORA INCARNATA) Passionflower is a beautiful plant that contains harmine and harmaline. The herb is used for relaxation and as a sleep aid. When larger quantities are ingested it has mild hallucinogenic effects.
VALERIAN (VALERIANA OFFICINALIS) Valerian is a popular natural soporific. Higher doses can induce the feeling of ‘floating on air’.
PSYCHOTRIA VIRIDIS (CHACRUNA) This plant, also known as Chacruna, is a common ingredient of the sacred Ayahuasca brew. It contains a high concentration of the visionary tryptamine DMT.

Cacao treat

Chocolate is a feel-good drug with contains caffeine and pheneylethylamine “chocolate amphetamines”. It helps you lose weight, you get more energy, gives you a good feeling and is rich in antioxidants. It also contains anandamine (an element that is close to thc) and of course cacao is an aphrodisiac! We sell:
Cranberry chocolate, pecan pie chocolate, chocolate muffins, chocolate brownies, chocolate cakes, raw chocolate (Lovechock, Raw Cacao Nibs) for our Greedayz smoothies.

So, put a little pep into your step!

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